Bored With Giving the Same Old Anniversary Gifts? Try Our Special Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Is there a special couple you know who will soon be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary? Maybe you have an aunt and uncle, grandmother and grandfather who have reached the milestone of their 50th wedding anniversary. It could just as easily be your mom and dad who have reached such an important stage in their married life together. Whoever the lucky couple may be, and whatever your relationship with them you’re in the right place if you’re struggling to come up with some sensible ideas.

50 Year Anniversary Gift TraditionsThere are a wealth of generic anniversary gifts you can give the anniversary couple. But surely you’d like your gift to stand out from the crowd. Not a problem. Because we’ve got all the time in the world to do the investigation for you, and uncover some really special wedding anniversary gifts. While this site is dedicated to golden wedding gifts many of the ideas we feature will work equally well, whatever the occasion and whatever the anniversary year.

Here on this site we’ll bring you some unusual, unique and special gift ideas but there are also pages dedicated to romantic wedding anniversary gift, anniversary gifts for parents, as well as some more specific gift pages. We’re sure that if you can’t find what you want on this page don’t despair, because there are lots of other pages to use for inspiration.

But first let’s consider the giving of gifts. What it is that makes a gift special, and how to pick the best ones.

Special wedding anniversary gifts should be meaningful

There are plenty of reasons to consider giving a loved one or friend a special kind of gift. They help the recipient or recipients to understand:

  • How important they are to you
  • How much you appreciate them and all that they do
  • That you support them
  • That you want to celebrate or remember a special time in their life
  • The qualities they have that make them special
  • How they have been an important influence in your life
  • That their dreams can be a reality
  • A sense of friendship, love, peace, support and comfort

The other great thing about a special gift is that it will have an uncanny ability to repeat the memory, feeling and expression time and time again. A special gift is able to keep on giving, over and over, for many years.


Silver-dipped rose

Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

  • A real rose with a fine coating of pure silver.
  • The silver finish is bright and lustrous.
  • The rose is ideal to express your everlasting love.

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Silver-dipped vase and rose

Silver-Dipped Vase & Rose

  • A rose and vase dipped in pure silver.
  • The silver vase's base os 3/16" and the height is 6".
  • Perfect for a platinum or silver Eternity Rose.

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Is there anything specific that makes a gift special?
There is no hard and fast rule to follow, if you’re looking for a gift that’s special. There is no one gift fits all kind of solution. What is special for one person ,may hold a completely different meaning for someone else. However, there are a few questions you can ask yourself, that will improve your chances of finding a gift that will be cherished for many years to come.

    • What are you trying to say with the gift?
    • Is there anything special you want the recipient to think about or remember every time they see the gift?
    • Are there any feelings you want your gift to conjure up? For example, happiness, humor, love, or support.
    • Is there a particular quality or personality trait you’d like the gift to capture?
    • What are the recipients personal preferences?
    • Is the gift in keeping with their sense of style?

Ask yourself these questions, every time you’re thinking of buying a special gift, regardless of the occasion. And you’ll find it much easier to find the perfect gift. The extra effort you put in will make a big difference to the recipient.

Now we’ll move on with a few suggestions.

gold cards as anniversary gift

Top ideas for special wedding anniversary gifts

Special wedding anniversary gifts can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make them. They can also leave you gasping at the checkout or filled with a sense of pride because your gift cost very little.

The gift of gold jewelry

golden vase for golden anniversaryGold jewelry is one of the most obvious choices for a golden wedding anniversary gift, which hardly makes it special surely? Actually there are some very special items of jewelry, you just need to know where to look. Pinterest and Etsy are great online stores if you’re looking for a gift that is a little unusual. A unique and individual hand crafted piece of jewelry, made by a talented artisan, is the kind of one off gift that will never be repeated.

The gift of a getaway
This sort of gift isn’t going to be the cheapest option. But if there are a few of you who can pool resources why not give the anniversary couple some well-earned time away? If you know of a suitable location the couple have been longing to visit, make the arrangements straight away. Otherwise you might need to do some research or ask a few leading questions, in order to uncover the couples dream vacation destination.

Another option is to give the anniversary couple gift certificates they can spend making their own travel arrangements. Although this doesn’t really feature as a special kind of gift. But the fact they won’t have to worry about the cost will be welcome.

Spending time together, away from the grind of daily life, enjoying each others company with no distractions is a very special way to spend a golden wedding anniversary.

The gift of a special memory
Reaching a golden wedding anniversary is a significant achievement. And how many fond memories will the couple have of times long past? Do they still remember them or have their memories grown a little faded? Give them a gift that will remind them of all the good times .

It could be a picture frame filled with meaningful photographs. Ask around for images of them when they were much younger, when they first started dating, one from their wedding day, and other significant moments in their journey through married life. A digital photo frame is perfect because the images can be regularly updated.

You can also help them recall fond memories by giving them a gift certificaticate to spend in the restaurant where they first started dating.

A special anniversary gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune
It’s not a big price tag that makes an anniversary gift precious. The most important quality of a gift is the thought that went into its choosing. The sweetest gifts of all don’t actually cost a single dime. The gift of your time is one perfect example of how special a gift can be.

50th wedding anniversary golden rose

A company that offers golden wedding anniversary gifts a little out of the ordinary

While undertaking our research, we came across a gift site that offers some exquisite and individual anniversary gifts. It seems that one of the most popular gifts from Eternity Rose is the gift of a gold dipped rose. Individual blooms that have been raised in their nursery are handpicked at the height of their beauty and preserved for ever in a coating of gold. But that’s not all there is to offer anyone looking for a special anniversary gift. There are also various items of jewelry that have been handcrafted from miniature rose petals, gold dipped poker cards and golf ball and tee sets. As well as vases and gift sets.

Many visitors to this site will be suffering from budget restrictions. But what happens when there is no worry about the cost of your gift? The world is your oyster, and the sky’s the limit. For many celebrities this is the situation they find themselves in. Let’s share some celebrity anniversary gifts. But remember spending loads of cash doesn’t guarantee a long lasting relationship. Many celebrities barely make it past the first year.

Fancy pushing the boat out and making your spouse feel like a celebrity?

Avril Lavigne received a 17 carat emerald-cut diamond ring from her husband Chad Kroeger for their 1st anniversary. That’s what you call pushing the boat out.

wedding anniversary romantic dinnerFirst anniversary celebrations for Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita consisted of dinner at home. Not very over the top you’re probably thinking. But when you take into account they hired their own personal chef for the day the gift becomes more special.

Prince William bought his royal wife Kate Middleton a Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, embedded with a sapphire to match her engagement ring. But when you’re a royal no expense is spared.

The celebrity wife of George Clooney got a great surprise for their first wedding anniversary. Not content with simply taking her out to dinner, he decides to bring her favorite restaurant to her. Amal expressed her love of the Asanebo sushi restaurant near their LA home, and lovely George has decided to bring the restaurant to London, investing and promoting it, and ensuring his wife never has to worry about great places to eat when staying in London.

We appreciate that these sort of anniversary gifts are not in the realms of everyone’s budget, and indeed such extravagance is not a guarantee of success. We’ll be keeping our eyes on the celebrity news to see if such expensive gifts make the world of difference to the rocky road of celebrity marriages.