Let Your Sentimental Side Out of the Bag with Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Ideas

Time certainly has a way of flying away with you when you’re with the one you love. Every year that passes will seem closer together, and somehow all you ever manage to organize is the same old dinner and flowers, because you find yourself out of time. On the other hand there may have been years when you both decided to let the occasion pass without any special celebration. Either because money was tight or something more pressing got in the way. We all have dreams and ideas of the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary. And it’s safe to say that a wife’s idea of the perfect anniversary celebration will be far removed from that of her husband’s. An ocean cruise or a diamond bracelet sounds perfect but is it worth financial ruin?

You’ll be pleased to know there is a way you can save money and be really romantic. Keep reading and choose one of our inexpensive but very romantic wedding anniversary gifts.

How to make your spouse’s heart beat faster, without the worry of ending up broke

There are a number of ways you can enjoy a wedding anniversary. However, we think it’s safe to say that many couples, or at least one half of the equation, will be looking for a spot of romance, which itself comes in many guises. Here at goldenweddinggifts.com we’ll be sharing some of our favourites. And you’ll be pleased to know they can be used for a variety of special occasions. Or just because you want to show your spouse how much you care.

    • Spend some time together – Your wedding anniversary is the perfect time to take a day off work, and put all your responsibilities and commitments on the back burner. It’s only one day every year, and the world isn’t going to fall into ruin if you and your spouse enjoy the whole day together. And don’t forget to turn off your mobile phone and click on the answering machine at home. Spend some quality time with your wife or husband and do something you both enjoy. A walk on the beach, a trek up a mountain, or just sitting and relaxing in your own backyard.
    • together for the 50th anniversaryRelive your first date – It might not be possible to recreate your first date exactly. Many years may have passed and the location could be closed, turned into an apartment block, or 500 miles away from where you live today. But that doesn’t excuse you from trying to do something very similar. Try a local Chinese restaurant rather than travelling across several states. Find another hilltop to sit on if the one you first climbed has been taken over by an amusement park.
    • Organize a personal photo shoot – And we don’t mean hire a professional and take some photos in a studio. We’re referring to getting your camera out and visiting some of your own favorite places. Or locations that have special meaning to you both. Another alternative is to take photos of you together every anniversary and keep them safe in a memory album.
    • Do something different – Is there something that you and your spouse have always longed to do? Make a change to the usual anniversary dinner date and try something new instead. It could be a hot air balloon ride, a bungee jump, river cruise, ride in a helicopter or one of many other romantic ideas.
    • golden wedding anniversary gift vaseExercise your crafty side – We know everyone isn’t blessed with artistic hands, but a number of you are and there are those who have yet to discover they have an arty side. Try your hand at papier mache, or decoupage. Ot why not make a collage using some meaningful photographs and mementos. You could even do it together for the ultimate romantic experience. Remember Patrick Swayze in the movie ‘Ghost’. Would you mind getting your hands all dirty?
    • Exchange meaningful gifts – For many of the anniversary years there is a theme you can use for inspiration. For example, the traditional theme for the first year is paper, silver for a 25th anniversary, and of course you should have realized by now that gold is for 50 anniversary years. There is also a modern alternative list of themes, which includes slightly more up to date options. Suh as appliances for a fourth wedding anniversary, pen and pencil sets for a 7th anniversary, and musical instruments for a 24th anniversary.
    • 5th anniversary? Give 5 gifts – If you fancy adding a bit of fun to each passing anniversary make a game out of picking the most creative number-themed gift. As the number of years increases you’ll have to come up with some increasing imaginative ideas. Here are a few ideas: a ten minute massage for your tenth anniversary, twenty red roses for your twentieth anniversary, 5 bars of her favorite chocolate for a fifth anniversary.
    • Relive some special memories – See if you can recreate the first meal you enjoyed as man and wife. If you can remember what it was that is. Or why not do it together and go shopping for the ingredients? When you get home, cooking as a team will be a fun challenge. If you fancy yourself a bit of an expert when it comes to baking, try and recreate your wedding cake. Cooking together is a fun idea and not too expensive an option. If you find yourself a little stuck for ideas the internet is full of interesting meal choices. After your delicious anniversary dinner, cuddle up together on the couch and watch your favorite movies.


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More wedding anniversary gift ideas that will add a touch of romance to the occasion

romantic giftsWhen you’ve got a wedding anniversary coming up it’s very easy to fall back on the age old favorites of chocolates, flowers, jewelry and dinner. We’re not saying a candlelight dinner wouldn’t be romantic, but how many times have you done just that? And a bouquet of gorgeous blooms will always be appreciated, but nowadays has become a little clichéd. So what else is there is your creative side is feeling a little challenged?

      • Hold a wedding reception – Were you able to afford the reception you always dreamt of? Is your financial situation much better now than when you tied the knot? A wedding anniversary is the perfect time to hold your wedding reception again. And this time do it exactly how you have always wanted it. This time round you’ll be able to invite long lost friends and family, and even your own children.
      • Sunrises and sunsets – There aren’t many times of the day that scream romance. But watching the sun come up or go down is a very romantic thing to do. Especially if you’re sat on a secluded beach or at the top of a mountain. Make sure you take some refreshments and something comfortable to sit on. Then sit back and enjoy one of nature’s wonders.
      • Dedicate a tune – Ring up a local radio station and have them dedicate a tune to your spouse. Think about their favorite tune, and when it would be a good time to play it, and think of a few meaningful words you’d love to say. And make sure your beloved switches on at the right time.
      • You can enjoy a trip away without leaving home – Yes you really can, with the gift of a city in a box. Inside will be a selection of locally sourced food, clothing, drink, accessories and handcrafted items. There is even a City of the Month Club which means you can visit somewhere new on a regular basis.
      • Have you been listening to the hints? – If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who loves to drop hints then your gift picking will be a breeze. Providing you’ve been paying attention. Has your husband always wanted to learn to fly? then book him some flying lessons. Has your wife said she’s really love a new look? Book her a day at her favorite beauty salon and tell her to go for it.

gold cards as anniversary gift

Romantic wedding anniversary gifts will bring you much closer together

      • romantic golden wedding anniversary gift ideasBreakfast in bed – We asked around the office and this one was definitely a favorite
      • An evening without your gadgets – Just the two of you and a board game
      • Create a romantic dessert – Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for example
      • Sit down and write your own love story – You can do it together or separately and then bring them together and compare notes
      • Create a playlist – There are likely a number of tunes or songs with special significance
      • Rent a cabin – For the weekend or a whole week away, somewhere secluded
      • Take a romantic train trip
      • Book tickets for a local music festival
      • Head to the amusement park and enjoy being kids for the day
      • Cooking or painting classes

We think we might have found one of the best anniversary presents ever. Luckily the guy giving the gift filmed it and posted the video on YouTube. Take a look: