Thinking About Jewelry for an Anniversary Gift? Consider a Golden Wedding Pendant

A pendant is something a little different than a necklace. As it can be hung on the chain of a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. Whereas a necklace is simply a chain that is worn round the neck.

Pendants can be cute lockets or charms that include colorful gemstones, dazzling diamonds, or shiny crystals. Made by jewelers and artisans they are available with many different patterns and designs. They can be heart shaped, which is perfect if you’re looking for a golden wedding pendant for your wife. Plain, animal shaped or one of a variety of geometric shapes. An outfit with a plain neckline will suddenly become very striking with the addition of an attractive pendant, hanging from a classical chain.

Pendants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but tend to fall into one of three categories.

Different types of pendants

pendant - golden anniversary gift

Anyone who knows about jewelry will realize that pendants can be classified into three general categories.

  • Lockets – A locket is a type of pendant that opens. Inside the locket the owner can keep a photograph of their loved one, a lock of their hair, or a piece of fabric. Wearing such a pendant around the neck means it can be opened any time of the day. And be reminded of a special person.
  • Jeweled circles – A manufacturer of a jeweled circle pendant will use precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, or diamonds. Or amber or emeralds. Often used as costume jewelry. the basic style is simple and adds a certain elegance to most outfits.
  • Single diamonds – This type of pendant includes a single gem cut like cushion, princess or emerald. The stone can be very small or larger than 1 carat. It really depends on your budget, which one you decide to buy.

When you’re looking for the perfect golden wedding pendant you’re going to be looking for one made from gold. But necklaces and pendants come in a wide variety of materials. Don’t rule out any of them until you’ve decided what the recipient of your gift would prefer. Not everyone is enthralled with gold jewelry after all.


Blue glazed heart pendant

An elegant blue glazed pendan

  • A classic romantic heart-shaped pendant.
  • Perfectly glazed and trimmed with 24 karat gold.
  • Every pendant comes with a stylish 24k gold-dipped multi-link chain.

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Red glazed rose heart pendant

Red Rose Heart Pendant

  • A romantic heart-shaped pendant decorated with 21 sparkling synthetic diamonds.
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A choice of different materials for your anniversary pendant

Necklaces and pendants can be made from a number of different materials including gold, silver, and beads.

golden pendant

  • Beads – These come in a variety of styles and colors. The beads can compliment each other, blend or be a complete contrast. This variety allows a necklace to be chosen that will match a number of different styles of clothing.
  • Silver – Silver is a popular material as its cool color enhances a number of different outfits but also adds a certain traditional style. Silver necklaces are available in a number of different patterns including large links, twist designs, and delicate chains.
  • Gold – Gold is a very popular choice, not just for golden anniversary gifts. Gold is a warm color and adds a touch of luxury to whatever the wearer is wearing.

Jewelry needs to be cared for and not just thrown in a drawer and forgotten. So what is the best way to look after an item of jewelry?

Taking care of your pendants and necklaces

The safest way to store your items of jewelry is in a fabric-lined box. All that’s needed is a shoe box lined with some fabric. But you might prefer to purchase a stylish velvet-lined jewelry box, if you’re particularly proud of your collection. Anti-tarnish strips can be added to the box to prevent oxidization of gold and silver pieces. Make a list, together with photographs, of your most precious items, in order to have an accurate record in case of theft. A photograph will ensure precise compensation, should you need to make an insurance claim.

Introducing a regular care routine will ensure your jewelry stays in tip top condition and will highlight your accessory’s beauty. Don’t wear your items of jewelry when taking a bath, as a soap film can develop and your jewelry will look dull and dirty. Likewise, when undertaking your household cleaning routine remove your jewelry and store in a safe place. The chemicals in disinfectants can damage your precious jewelry. You should also remove your jewelry before swimming as the chlorine in the water will discolor the metal.

purple matched set in 24k gold for the wedding anniversaryYou’d be wise to invest in a jewelry polishing cloth, rather than using one of your own towels or cleaning cloths. The material a polishing cloth is made of is perfect for cleaning delicate materials. Purchase some cleaning solution from a reputable jeweler so you can be sure the solution won’t damage your favorite pieces of jewelry. Warm water, rather than hot, should be used for gentle cleaning. As hot water has a tendency to react in a negative way with jewelry cleaning products, and cause discoloration. If your jewelry does become stained because of a chemical reaction it can be buffed out with a tarnish remover.

Items of jewelry that were expensive are better taken to jeweler for professional cleaning. They will be able to clean and inspect fine pieces of jewelry and check that any gemstones are secure in their setting. They will also be able to check for damage such as cracks, which you might not be able to spot with your untrained eye. Once the item has been checked for damage they should be able to repair it.

Pendants are a wonderful golden wedding gift and there are so many styles, types, sizes and shapes that nobody receiving one will be disappointed.