Looking for an Elegant Gift? Consider a Golden Wedding Vase for the Happy Couple

When a couple reaches their 50th wedding anniversary it will be considered an important accomplishment and certainly something to feel very proud of. 50 years as man and wife is an event to be celebrated and marked as a unique achievement. Therefore, choosing the perfect gift is essential, and has come to form a vital part of the occasion. It could be your parents, grandparents, uncle and aunt, friends or neighbours who are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, and a golden wedding vase will make a gorgeous and elegant gift.

It has long been traditional for wedding anniversary gifts to be something for the married couples home. However, nowadays we seem to moving away from such traditional items, and moving in completely different directions. Gifts are chosen to be decorative, rather than practical. And to have a special meaning rather than a specific use. An anniversary vase can cover all bases. In that it could be considered a decorative piece that will be treasured for many years to come, as well as proving to be rather useful.

A 50th wedding anniversary is also known as a golden anniversary, so the obvious choice would be to go with gold. An ideal choice would be a 24 karat gold dipped vase. Such a classical choice will be a very special memento for the couple celebrating their anniversary.

What is a vase and where do they come from?

golden vaseA vase is simply a container, that is often used to hold cut flowers. They can be made from a number of different materials, including glass, ceramics, brass, bronze, wood, stainless steel, even plastic. They can be beautifully plain, or exquisitely decorated. Brand new or antique.

You might be interested to know that vases have a certain anatomy. The bit at the bottom is called the foot, and forms the base of the piece. It could be flat, bulbous, carinate or some other shape. The body of the vase is the next part and generally forms the main portion. On top of the body is the shoulder, then the neck. A vase is finished with the lip. Of course not all vases have these features, but more modern shapes have all developed from such a traditional form.

Vases have an interesting history, and have been used as practical items as well as decoration in the home for centuries. Would you believe that the oldest vase ever found dates back three thousand years and was uncovered in Mesopotamia?


Gold-dipped vase and rose

24 Karat Gold-Dipped Vase & Rose

  • Natural rose dipped in certified 24k gold.
  • A classical and ornate heavy cast brass vase dipped in 24k gold.
  • The gold vase's base is 3/16" and the height is 6".

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Gold-dipped rose

Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

  • It combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of the gold.
  • Presented in an exquisite leather case.
  • It comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Vase making techniques used in Ancient Rome
Vases were used by the Romans to decorate their homes and were manufactured from crystal and glass. Over time they honed and developed the already complex manufacturing techniques until they had achieved a high level of sophistication. They also developed ways to decorate the vases such as gilding, enameling, and staining. When they also started adding colored glass and crystal the end results were stunning. A world renowned example of their quality work is The Portland Vase. It is a cameo glass vase that dates back to between AD 1 and AD 25. It is made from violet-blue glass with a continuous white cameo that depicts two distinct scenes.

Vase making techniques used in Ancient Greece
The Ancient Greeks are well-known for their pottery vases, many examples of which survive today. While they might have been intended for everyday use, they were nevertheless very ornate and surprisingly durable. Greek vases were usually made from clay and shaped using a potters wheel and finished by hand. They would generally have been painted black, and additional detail added in brown, red, and white. The characters that appeared as decoration would come from popular stories or religious images, or be geometric patterns.

Chinese Vases take elegance to another level
vase anniversary gift
Collectors will pay big money for certain Chinese vases. Surely you’ve heard of Ming Dynasty vases. Highly prized for their interesting shapes, crisp detailing and top quality porcelain. However, Ancient Chinese pottery of other eras are also fetching some astounding prices at auction. One particular piece, that was uncovered during a house sale, was sold for a record-breaking £53.1 million. Which might be a bit out of your price range.

gold cards as anniversary gift

Why is a golden wedding vase a great gift?

Vases actually make good anniversary gifts for him and for her. And are the perfect golden wedding anniversary gift for parents. While there may not be room for large decorative items, the anniversary couple won’t have a problem finding a place for a vase. As well as being decorative it is also very practical. Not just an ornament it can be used to hold one single bloom, or the biggest bouquet ever. Depending on the style, shape and size of the vase in question of course. A golden anniversary vase will also be an everlasting reminder of such an important event. And could even be passed down through generations as a family heirloom.

Another reason that a vase will be an excellent gift is the versatility such a choice offers. Lots of different styles, shapes, colors and materials, as well as a never ending variety of details. There is also the option of personalization with an engraving of the couple’s name, and date of the anniversary. Selecting a beautiful and unusual golden wedding vase for a gift will perfectly reflect your feelings and be treasured for many years to come.