Golden Wedding Earrings – How to Pick the Best Ones for Your Lovely Lady Wife

Jewelry is a popular choice for wedding anniversary gifts. Particularly if you’re looking for a gift for your wife. You want your gift to show her how you feel, which means you’re looking for a gift that’s really special. Golden wedding earrings may be just the ticket, unless of course your wife hasn’t got pierced ears. In which case you might want to consider another option, because the choices available will be very limited. And we ought to mention that it could be a lady reading this because she wants a pair of gold earrings for her husband. In which case our advice and ideas are pretty much the same.

A stunning pair of golden anniversary earrings is going to be appreciated by your beloved wife. They’ve been worn for centuries and don’t look to be going out of fashion any time soon. It should be fairly easy to find a pair that suits her style and taste. Every time she puts them on she’ll be reminded of your anniversary day. She’ll also be able to appreciate the thought you put into choosing her gift.

You don’t need to stress if you’re finding the choice a touch bamboozling. We’re here to help guide you through the maze. With all the right information you’ll be able to make an informed decision, as well as using a little assistance from your heart.

A wide range of golden wedding earrings means there’s something for everyone

Earrings come in a wide variety of styles. So many that you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right ones. However, bear in mind the following,advice, as there are certain styles that will suit some ladies more than others. Earring have a unique quality. They can change the appearance of a person’s face, by either accentuating or detracting from a feature.

  • Small round earrings – If your wife has a longer face these will be perfect
  • Long earrings – This style of earring suits a person with a shorter neck and rounder face, as they will serve to elongate these particular features
  • Long, dangling earrings – This style suits a person with a square shaped face
  • Oval or round earrings – This style is great for softening the features of an angular face
  • Geometric shapes – This style serves to sharpen features

Did you realize that earrings haven’t always been a predominantly female item of jewelry?


Pink glazed earrings in leaf style

Pink Rose Earrings in Leaf Style

  • Unique earrings, crafted from real rose petals and pure gold.
  • The earrings are styled in gold leaf theme.
  • A certificate of authenticity is included.

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White glazed rose earrings

White Glazed Rose Earrings

  • Real miniature white rose petals combined with 24k gold.
  • Each pair features 16 brilliant synthetic diamonds.
  • These earrings are intricately detailed.

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Men have been wearing earrings longer than ladies

earringsBoth men and women have worn earrings for personal adornment, but are more traditionally worn by men. Ear piercings are the oldest form of body modification, which has been backed up by written and physical evidence gathered from all over the world. Carved images have been uncovered in Persia, that show a Persian soldier wearing an earring.

No physical earrings were found in Tutankhamen’s tomb, but it was found that his ear lobes has been perforated, which suggests the young Pharaoh wore earrings.

It wasn’t nobility who wore earrings in Ancient Rome. It was the slaves. While in Ancient Greece ‘ladies of the night’ were characterized by the wearing of earrings.

Over the years, and throughout history, earrings have been in and out of fashion. Both for men and women, and not necessarily at the same time. In the 13th century it would have been considered sacrilegious, as the Catholic Church forbade such an adornment. But even back then there were people who thought nothing of flouting the rules. And some who even made a point of doing so. During that period in history it was thieves, pirates, and lower classes who wore earrings.

Earrings came back into fashion in the late 1500s, for men at that time. Remember listening to stories of pirates as a child. Didn’t the pirate always have an earring? It was common practise for sailors to pierce their ears when they had crossed the Equator or sailed around the world. It may also have been done to ensure there was something to pay for a proper burial, should they be drowned at sea.

blue earrings for her - golden anniversary surpriseThe ear an earring was worn in also had some significance. An earring was worn in the right ear by the only boy in a family. If you were the son of a single mother whose husband had been killed you would wear an earring in the left ear.

Earrings have played a big part in personal adornment, and it’s really not too different today. While we don’t have any specific customs that we follow, earrings continue to be popular ways to show individuality.

Golden wedding stud earrings – A classical choice

Is your beloved wife more of a classical girl? Gold stud earrings will be perfect. Not over stated, but small, subtle and elegant. They can easily be made dazzling with the addition of diamonds, and will add the finishing touch to many outfits. They can compliment an elegant evening dress, or work equally well if you’re relaxing in your jogging pants. Gold is the obvious choice, but remember there are different colors of gold. Or add a precious stone, such as her birthstone, for a personalised gift. You might think that stud earrings sound a little boring. How wrong you are, as they are available in a number of different shapes and sizes. Ranging from tiny balls, to knots and teardrops.

We wish you every success in your gift quest. But are fairly sure you’ve got enough information to pick the right pair.