If All You’ve Done is Procrastinate, Time to Get Your Gift Skates on With These Top Last Minute 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

It’s a common complaint, when it comes to choosing 50th anniversary gifts, that far too much thinking goes into the process. We wholeheartedly agree you should give the problem some thought. But spending months and months just pondering, without any kind of action, will leave you with the only option of a last-minute gift. Yes, there are flowers and chocolates to fall back on, but when you gave these last year and the year before, you might want to consider something different.

Follow one of our top last minute 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas and your partner might not even realize how late you left it, or that you had forgotten about your anniversary until your partner dropped a huge hint.

As we’ve already mentioned flowers are a very popular fall back gift, and don’t forget to consider an e-card. A last minute dash to the shops on the morning of your anniversary won’t go down too well.

E-Cards and anniversary flowers

E-cards are easy and simple to organize. There are any number of great websites to pick from. You can pick from humorous, sentimental, musical, personalized and many more. If you don’t know their email address this isn’t going to be an option, but there are online card and gift sites who can deliver the next day, provided you place your order before mid-day.

Flowers will always be considered a very romantic gift, and there aren’t many ladies who will turn down such a golden wedding anniversary gift idea. There are online flower stores who will make deliveries the next day, either to the recipient’s home or where they work. Alternatively ring a local florist and pick up the bouquet on the way home from work. And don’t forget to include a personal message.

Rather than a bouquet of flowers that will eventually fade, you can also order living plants that will serve as a longer lasting gift. Another fantastic alternative, if you’ve left yourself with enough time, is the gift of a gold dipped rose, or a jewelry set created from miniature rose petals.

If you’ve done anniversary flowers to death then you’ll be looking for something different. Keep reading because we’ve got lots more gift ideas for a 50th wedding anniversary,


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More 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for the spouse who has a tendency to forget

romantic gifts ideasYou might not want to admit it, but we bet there are a few of you reading this who have committed one of the worst gift giving sins. You’re enjoying the drive home from work when it suddenly dawns on you that your wedding anniversary is that day. You realize that it simply isn’t feasible to forget once again. At the very least you’ll be in the dog house for a couple of days. At the very worst you could find yourself looking for somewhere new to live as there is little chance of forgiveness.

Nobody wants to look like a bit of a loser, and completely useless when it comes to remembering important dates. Which is why there follows a list of ideas for golden wedding anniversary gifts for those who have a tendency to leave things till the eleventh hour. Pick one and we hope your choice of gift will save the day.

Take a long drive – Gather up some tasty snacks, fruit, and maybe a bottle of wine, and take your spouse out for a relaxing drive, with refreshments to be enjoyed at a romantic location. It could be somewhere as simple as a park, or sat by a lake or laying on the beach. Bring a blanket to lay on the floor and you can sit and watch the sun go down together.

Cook up a storm – Cooking something together is always a great last minute idea, as it’s very likely all the ingredients you need are waiting in your kitchen. Why not create a favorite meal for your loved one, or recreate the food that was served on your wedding day?

Last minute getaways and trips – Planning a last minute trip is a great 50th anniversary gift idea, and there are plenty of sites online that will help you organize such as trip. Last Minute Travel and Last Minute are two great sites worth a visit. There are usually some great deals to be had if you’re looking for last minute hotel accommodation, airfares and interesting experiences. A lot of hotels offer special weekends or specials for anniversary couples, which will include dinner and a gift basket, along with champagne. Another option is a day trip to a park, gallery or museum. Take along a picnic to make the occasion more memorable. Alternatively go and see a show and enjoy a candlelight supper afterwards.

The gift of an experience – A great option if you’ve left things till the last minute is to organize the gift of an experience. You’ll partner will never know that you didn’t make the arrangements till the last minute. If you’re wondering what’s on offer let’s give you a few examples:

  • spa day as golden anniversary gift ideaSpa day with lunch and afternoon tea for two
  • Two nights for the price of one hotel break
  • Deluxe afternoon tea for two
  • Supercar driving blast
  • Raceday package
  • Vineyard tour and tasting
  • Three course meal and cocktails at a top restaurant
  • Health club pass
  • River cruise and lunch for two
  • Helicopter flying lesson
  • Shooting range experience
  • Sushi making workshop
  • Glamping break for two

Unless you really have left the buying of your gift till the last minute, you shouldn’t be feeling too desperate. A quick trip to the store, or take a look online and you can get just the right kind of gift delivered in a couple of days. So what sort of 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas are available at short notice?

beautiful platinum rose for your wedding anniversary

50th anniversary gift ideas for him

When it comes to buying golden wedding anniversary gifts for a man, it’s usually better to consider gifts that will be useful. On the whole, men tend not to be the kind of people who love to collect trinkets and fill their shelves with meaningful ornaments. A set of gold dipped poker cards or a golf ball and tee set will look very attractive but also come in handy. How about a pen set with a meaningful engraving? Everytime he goes to write something he’ll be reminded of you. Another option is an engraved penknife and box set. If he loves to ramble he’ll find everything he needs in this pocket sized gift.

Golden wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

50th anniversary romantic ideasLadies tend to love sentimental gifts, so pick an anniversary gift for her that expresses your feelings. Take this opportunity to rekindle some old memories, such as the time you first met or your wedding day. Does your lovely lady wife have a favorite tune? Perhaps the one you first danced to on your wedding day or a soppy love song you often enjoyed when together. Music can be brought back to life quickly and easily. Most tunes are now available on CD and can be presented in a picture frame with a loving message. Can you remember what was happening in the world when you tied the knot? Buy a copy of an old newspaper and present it to her along with a few other meaningful gifts.

Flowers are often given as gifts for special ladies, but the problem is they have a tendency to fade. A golden anniversary gift should be long lasting, so a great alternative is a rose that has been dipped in gold.

50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

silver rose and vase anniversary giftGold jewelry will be a good idea for your mom and dad’s golden anniversary gifts, and you won’t have a problem finding something that suits their style and taste. Don’t be tempted to pick the first item you find. Instead spend some time thinking about their preferences.

It’s probably not a good idea to pick something for their home. After 50 years of married life there will be little they need to make their life better or more comfortable Why not think about giving them an experience they can enjoy together? Or an interesting addition to their home, rather than an essential item. An item made from gold colored glass, an original painting, a tapestry or some other artisan item. Take a look at gift sites such as Etsy or Pinterest. There are great gifts available from all over the world.

When you realize the wealth of gifts available, picking the right one can be a challenge. However, it’s not an impossible task. As well as this site there are a number of other useful places you can visit online that will help with your quest. There is no end to the suggestions available online and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Mark our site as one of your favorites because we promise to be sharing lots more brilliant ideas for golden wedding anniversary gifts.