Reward Him for all His Hard Work with Thoughtful 50th Anniversary Gifts for Him

You’ve know your husband for fifty years, so buying him a gift is going to be easy surely? As you’ve found your way to our site we’re guessing possibly not. And we really don’t blame you because buying for guys can sometimes be a bit tricky. And let’s face it do you make his gift giving any easier? All that aside, you don’t need to worry because here at our aim is to provide you with lots of options. All you need to do is decide on the best one.

But before we start looking at some of those options, let’s first consider the important points to bear in mind.

Great golden wedding anniversary gifts for him only require a little thought

After fifty years as husband and wife, we think it’s safe to safe you’re feeling a little short on ideas. Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, and previous anniversary celebrations have left you short on inspiration. But it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Maybe you’re just overwhelmed. Not surprising really, but let’s see if we can help. After all, shopping for the right gift should be easy. Nobody knows the gentleman as well as you do. Just stay calm and keep in mind the following points.

  • Modern or traditional – Not much of a choice here as both traditional and modern themes are gold. But just because it’s your golden wedding anniversary don’t think that is your only option. We’ve already said that nobody knows him better than you do. So if he’s already got enough gold to sink a battleship the gift world is your oyster. There’s nothing that makes it obligatory to go with gold.
  • Spending time together is priceless – Hang on a minute, we can hear you saying. Yes we know you’ve been married for fifty years, so that’s at the very least fifty years you’ve spent together. But how many other things regularly got in the way? Full time jobs, raising a family, maintaining a comfortable home, and countless other commitments will have taken up a large part of the last fifty years. Without factoring in the added stress that often accompanies modern living. For your golden wedding anniversary it’s time to get away. And we mean from it all. Arrange a pet sitter to look after your pets, a babysitter, if there are any offspring still living at home (but we sincerely hope there aren’t any). Leave a contact number, but stress to those who have it that it’s only to be used in a real emergency. The exact location doesn’t need to be somewhere exotic. Somewhere cozy will help to reignite that passion you first enjoyed. And you’ll return home from your sojourn totally refreshed and ready for another few decades of marriage.
  • Consider his interests – Have you ever given him a gift because you were trying to spark his interest in something different? Have you ever bought him an item of clothing because you thought he would look better wearing a certain style? Now consider where those gifts are today. The chinos are gathering dust at the back of the closet. The chef’s hat and apron are still folded up at the back of the kitchen cupboard and have never seen the light of day. We have to applaud you for trying to get him interested. But our advice for this years golden wedding anniversary gift is to get him a gift you’re 100% certain he’ll love.
  • Spending hundreds of dollars doesn’t guarantee success – Who told you than an expensive gift would promise victory? Being out of pocket, after buying your husband his anniversary gift, isn’t the right way to show him how much you love him. Hopefully you’ve still got some time before the big event. So you should be putting a bit aside some money on a regular basis. You’ll be amazed how quickly your gift pot will grow. If the day is imminent, then your option is to look at your household budget and decide on a comfortable amount to spend.

Now you’ve got a few things clear in your mind it’s time to look at some of your options.


Gold-dipped poker cards

Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • A playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • Presented in an elegant high quality case made from cherry-wood.
  • The deck is produced to tournament grade standards.

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Display gold-dipped golf ball and tee set

Display Gold Golf Ball

  • Golf ball and tee both in pure 24k gold.
  • A perfect compliment to any golfer's trophy shelf
  • Ideal for mounting on a trophy and not intented for golf course use.

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50th anniversary gifts for him come in many shapes and sizes

    • Gifts for the sporting guy – Does he have a favorite sport? One that he enjoys participating in, or one he’d rather sit and watch. Either way, a sports themed gift will be a great surprise for your golden wedding anniversary. If he enjoys being on the field then sports equipment and gear will score big. For the guy who prefers cheering on the action buy him tickets to an upcoming event. He’ll experience the action up close and personal rather than from his usual seat on the couch.

golden anniversary gift for him

  • Gifts he can enjoy outdoors – Where can he be found at weekends? Down on the golf course? Sat by the river fishing? Or down at the bowling club with his mates? Find him a 50th wedding anniversary gift that will come in useful next time he’s there. A new set of golf clubs will help improve his swing. Or why not a gold dipped golf ball and tee set to make his game more interesting? A new fishing rod might make him more successful. A pair of comfortable bowling shoes will ensure his throw is straight and true. No, we’re kidding, as a golden wedding anniversary gift isn’t going to improve his skills. It will however make his endeavors more enjoyable. And everytime he uses your gift he’ll be reminded of you.
  • Gadgets for gents – It’s never too late to jump onboard the gadget train. And there’s so much technology available you’re bound to be able to find a gadget you know he’ll love. Not just smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. There are bluetooth speakers, digital surround sound systems, wireless headphones, digital radios and a whole lot more.

Why not tickle his taste buds with your golden wedding anniversary gift?

Remember your mom telling you the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well she was pretty close to the mark. Test the theory out yourself by cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Although we’re pretty certain that after fifty years you’ve already captured his heart. Or even better hire your own professional chef for the day. If he fancies himself as a bit of an Egon Ronay then help him reach his goal with a few gourmet cooking classes. Take the opportunity to rekindle some memories by cooking the food that was served on your wedding day, or a meal you know he enjoyed when you were first dating. Buy him a personalized apron and remember to buy a matching one for yourself.

Rekindle his sense of adventure with the gift of an experience

Giving him the gift of an experience for an anniversary gift is a great way to ensure the occasion will be one that’s never forgotten. Find an experience that relates to one of his interests, or give him the opportunity to tick an item off his bucket list. Type ‘experience days’ and your location into any search bar, and you’ll be amazed at the number of options. This type of gift has become very popular.

Adventure Gifts for your 50th anniversaryHere are a few examples to whet your appetite.

  • Buy him a couple of flying lessons, if he’s long yearned to fly
  • A sea fishing experience, with the promise that you’ll cook whatever he catches for his tea
  • A tour of his favorite team’s home ground
  • Wine or brewery tour, and of course there will be plenty of tasting
  • Being driven around a racetrack in an exotic sports car
  • If he doesn’t want to fly would he prefer to jump out of a plane?

All these and more are waiting to make this golden wedding anniversary an awesome one for the special man in your life. The options are so varied you can easily find a 50th wedding anniversary gift for her, an anniversary gift for your parents, or a gift for friends.

The ultimate experience however, would be to take him away for a vacation.

The most memorable experience of all – a second honeymoon

One problem that accompanies giving gifts is their true meaning often fades with the never ending passage of time. There’s very little that will mar the memory of a long overdue vacation. Choose somewhere secluded, an exotic location, or right in the middle of a busy city. There could be a location he has always longed to visit. What better reason do you need, than a golden wedding anniversary, to take him there tout de suite.

For fifty years you’ve been man and wife, and such a milestone is worthy of celebration. Your kids have left home, there are no work commitments to worry about, so celebrate in style. Put in the leg work, when considering your options for 50th wedding anniversary gifts for him, and your efforts will be amply rewarded. We bet he’s worried about your gift too. And if he’s putting in as much effort as you are the day will be a resounding success.